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E-Scooter App Development Company 4sharing

4sharing is a leading provider of e-scooter app development solutions, leveraging over three years of expertise to help you launch your business swiftly and efficiently. Our ready-made solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to custom development, enabling you to start operations within 30 days while minimizing common startup pitfalls


Our Advantages

4sharing offers its clients various cooperation options (custom development, customization of ready-made solutions). We operate under American law and provide services to various companies around the world. Compliance with development deadlines and terms of cooperation is our priority.


Various Options for Cooperation

You can choose the best way for you to cooperate with us. Whether it will be a custom development or the use of ready-made solutions - the choice is yours.


Under American Law

American law is one of the best for regulating commercial relations. We provide services in accordance with the law and adhere to the conditions specified in the cooperation agreement.


Full Development Cycle

From brainstorming, writing technical tasks to development and support (technical, marketing) - you can go all this way with the e scooter app development company - 4sharing, which has great expertise in this

Our Team

Specialists of various professions work in our team: designers, IT architects, developers, PMs, testers. In addition to comprehensive development of applications, CRM and provision of ready-made solutions for the scooter sharing business, our specialists provide consultation and technical support during the period of our cooperation. 



Ann's Urban Mobility Solutions:

Ann was a Business analyst. She was determined to bring a unique e-scooter sharing service to her bustling city. She knew that a fully customizable white-label solution was essential to reflect her brand and meet the specific needs of her target audience. With 4sharing, she was able to create an app that was not only visually appealing but also packed with features that delighted riders.



Simon's Scooters and Bikes for students:

Simon is a University president. He was seeking a way to provide a sustainable and affordable transportation option for his students. He recognized the need for a dedicated software solution with a separate codebase to ensure the security and reliability of the service. 4sharing's expertise in this area gave him the confidence to move forward with his vision. We provide each client with a dedicated codebase and service infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and security.



Marcus's E-Scooter Empire:

Marcus, an experienced investor, was looking for a promising startup to add to his portfolio. He was impressed by 4sharing's commitment to operating under secure legal frameworks like American Law. We provided brainstorming, checked a business model and supported 24\7. This gave him the assurance he needed to invest in the company and support its growth.



Alessandro's Sharing Success Story:

Alessandro, a tech-savvy businessman and CEO, was launching an e-scooter sharing service in a highly competitive market. He knew that cost optimization was crucial to his success. 4sharing's expertise in this area helped him streamline operations and reduce unnecessary expenses, resulting in a 20-30% increase in profit margins.

Electric Scooter & Bike Rental Franchise Costs



 per vehicle


● Consultancy● Application customization● The right to use the software● Teaching● Support



 per vehicle


● Consultancy● Application customization● The right to use the software● Teaching● Support



 per vehicle


● Consultancy● Application customization● The right to use the software● Teaching● Support


  • What services does e-scooter app development company 4sharing provide?

    4sharing provides custom app development and CRM services for the scooter sharing business. We also offer our clients ready-made solutions that can be easily customized to meet the needs of any client.

  • In which countries does e-scooter app development company 4sharing have offices?

    We have 2 offices in Europe: Latvia and Ukraine. 4sharing can provide services anywhere in the world. Our company operates under American law.

  • What ready-made solutions does e scooter app development company 4sharing offer?

    We offer our customers customization services and the right to use the necessary software for scooter sharing, which are transferred under franchise conditions.