Scooter Rental Software by 4sharing

Are you interested in starting a scooter sharing business? Then you are in the right place. Our e-scooter sharing software solution will help you start your own business within 30 days and manage it effectively.
4sharing specialists will set up the necessary software functionality, train staff to use it, and provide 24/7 technical support


What Does the Electric Scooter Sharing Software Include?

Scooter rental software includes client software and CRM for managers. Сlient software - is a mobile application including necessary functionality for using scooter sharing services. Software for managers is used to manage the scooter fleet, personnel, and finances of the scooter rental company.


Сlient Software

Mobile application for customers includes functionality for registration/authorization, balance replenishment, blocking/unblocking of scooters, personal analytics, and so on. Mobile application from 4sharing is a cross-platform solution that allows you to use it on different mobile operating systems


CRM for Managers

Managers' software includes functionality for managing users, scooters, sending messages to users, trip histories, and analytics. CRM includes analytics modules that determine where scooter sharing services are in demand and where they are not. Analytics modules allow you to effectively distribute scooters on the city map


Chargers Software

Chargers Software - is an app that helps company employees maintain scooters (replace dead batteries). Thanks to the Software Chargers functionality, the battery can be accessed and replaced quickly. Chargers also receive warnings for scooters that have reached a critical battery level.


E-Scooter Sharing Software Solution from 4sharing

You don't need to spend a lot of money and months of time to develop software for e-scooter sharing. 4sharing offers you ready-made solutions that can be easily customized to the specifics of your business. 
You get a client application that will have a unique design and will be consistent with your brand (style, colors, logo, etc.). We adjust the functionality of the electric scooter sharing software to your needs (integration, payment systems, connecting scooters). 
Within 30 days you get the necessary software for e-scooter sharing. Our specialists will teach you and your employees how to use the software. Our technical department is available 24/7 and is always ready to help you if you have any difficulties.

Scooter Rental Software Development from 4sharing

The main disadvantages of turnkey application development are time and cost. An alternative to this is the customization of ready-made solutions that allow you to start a business quickly and avoid serious mistakes at the start-up stage. Our solutions include customization of the application and software for company managers.


Scooter Rental Software Design

It doesn't matter whether you choose ready-made solutions or custom development, you get a unique design of the necessary software. Our designers will prepare several options and take into account any of your wishes


Sharing Software Development

Our team of IT architects, PMs, developers, and testers will turn any of your ideas into reality. We have extensive experience in app and CRM development to help you build a successful e-scooter sharing business


Scooters Integration

We work with many scooter manufacturers to integrate scooters into the scooter sharing software as quickly as possible. Our team will develop the necessary drivers so that the scooters interact with the software quickly and smoothly


Technical Support

After the development and configuration of the Scooter sharing software, cooperation with us does not end. We provide technical support to our customers 24/7 and are constantly improving our e-scooter sharing software solutions

Electric Scooter & Bike Rental Franchise Costs



 per vehicle


● Consultancy● Application customization● The right to use the software● Teaching● Support



 per vehicle


● Consultancy● Application customization● The right to use the software● Teaching● Support



 per vehicle


● Consultancy● Application customization● The right to use the software● Teaching● Support


  • What software is needed for a scooter rental business?

    To start a scooter rental business, you need a client app, CRM for managers, and Chargers app.

  • What are the main advantages of the e-scooter sharing software solution from 4sharing?

    Solutions from 4sharing allow you to start a business within 30 days, and customization of ready-made solutions is 10-20 times cheaper than custom development.

  • How much does e-scooter sharing software solution customization cost?

    Customization of ready-made solutions includes the cost of the first setup of the necessary software and the monthly payment for the use of the software. The first payment can cost $7000-1000, monthly payment - from $4 per scooter.