Scooter Sharing App Development from 4sharing

If you need an e-scooter sharing app, or you prefer quick solutions - the 4sharing Team will help you to realize this.
Our team includes more than 40 highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in developing software products for the scooter sharing business.
It consists of highly qualified specialists: IT architects, DevOps, designers, developers, testers, and marketing specialists.
We offer our clients custom development or customization of ready-made solutions.

Electric Scooter App Development Services from 4sharing

We are a full-cycle IT company that provides on demand e-scooter app development from writing technical assignments, prototyping, design to development and technical support. We also offer our customers ready-made e-scooter app development solutions, which can be quickly customized to any customer needs.


Scooter Sharing App Design

Designers and illustrators of the 4sharing Team will prepare a prototype and design an electric scooter app for you that will meet modern UI requirements and your wishes.


Electric Scooter App Development

Our team includes highly qualified IT architects, PMs, developers, and testers who will implement any of your ideas. We use modern development technologies that guarantee the stable operation of applications during heavy server loads.


Electric Scooter Integration

Our team develops drivers for integrating electric scooters into sharing apps & software. We cooperate with electric scooter manufacturers from different countries to make the integration process as fast as possible.


Technical Support

After completing the electric scooter app development, we don’t say goodbye to you. Our support department is with you 24/7 to quickly communicate with you and improve your application with new functionality.


About E-Scooter App Development from 4sharing Company

4sharing is an e-scooter app development company from Europe. Our offices are located in Latvia and Ukraine. Our customers are scooter-sharing companies from all over the world (USA, Italy, Canada, Ukraine). Our ready-made solutions - applications, and software for managers, serve businesses with more than 4,000 scooters.
The scooter sharing franchise from the 4sharing Team allows you to start your own scooter rental business within 30 days.
Our specialists use modern development technologies that ensure the stable and fast operation of our IT products.

E-Scooter App Development Solutions from 4sharing

The main disadvantages of turnkey application development are time and cost. An alternative to this is the customization of ready-made solutions that allow you to start a business quickly and avoid serious mistakes at the start-up stage. Our solutions include customization of the application and software for company managers.


Sharing App 

You don't need to develop an e-scooter app from scratch, use our ready-made solution. Within 30 days, you get an e-scooter app with a unique design and all the necessary functionality. We connect payment systems, configure language versions and the necessary functionality of the application, publish the application in the app store and play market.


Sharing Software

Software for managers includes the necessary functionality that allows you to manage a scooter sharing company effectively. The software includes different levels of access (roles) for different employees of the company (administrators, chargers, managers). We configure the functionality of the software, connect the scooters and test the operation of the software.


Sharing Analytics

Analytics is a powerful tool for increasing the efficiency of the scooter sharing business which is necessary for any company. Our solutions include heatmaps, and financial analytics modules that will help you take your business to the next level. Analytics modules can be customized according to your wishes.

Electric Scooter & Bike Rental Franchise Costs



 per vehicle


● Consultancy● Application customization● The right to use the software● Teaching● Support



 per vehicle


● Consultancy● Application customization● The right to use the software● Teaching● Support



 per vehicle


● Consultancy● Application customization● The right to use the software● Teaching● Support


  • How much does scooter sharing app development cost?

    4sharing Team offers clients 2 solutions: custom application development or customization of ready-made solutions. The first option can cost from €35,000, the second option - €7,000-10,000.

  • What does e-scooter app development solutions from 4sharing include?

    Our ready-made solutions include application customization for customers, software and analytics modules for managers of scooter sharing companies. Our ready-made solutions include application customization for customers, software and analytics modules for managers of scooter-sharing companies

  • How long does scooter sharing app development take?

    Custom development can last 2-4 months, customization of ready-made solutions - 1-2 months.